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Free Wi-Fi will be provided and outlets will be available for recharging computers, mobile devices and phones. After , migrants, many on their way to Germany and Scandinavia, passed through Austria and , through Vienna in a matter of weeks last autumn, the flow has dramatically slowed and the peak of the crisis has, for now at least, passed.

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Vienna has been left with around 21, refugees registered for basic welfare support, roughly half of whom are in the asylum-seeking process. Some 4, are still housed in large emergency shelters — mainly disused offices — with more than beds, but most have now been found places in smaller homes and hostels in every district of the city. It was our policy, our responsibility as politicians. Half of its current 1. In February, after announcing it would allow only 3, migrants a day to enter the country many of whom would travel on to Germany and 80 new asylum applications, the government hosted a conference to coordinate tough new border restrictions with several countries along the so-called west Balkan refugee route, effectively closing it to refugees.

Farnaz Mortazi, who arrived in Vienna from Iran as a student in , thinks attitudes will only harden.

I am not so sure. The far right is doing its worst, and like everywhere, people are susceptible to it. For the time being though, Wehsely thinks the city is doing a good job: We still have too many people in big, anonymous shelters; we need more smaller places.

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But the priority now is to maintain our position on refugees, because that is what we were elected on — and to focus on effective integration. Education is key to that. In the Volkshochschule, or adult education centre, in the south-eastern district of Simmering, an Iranian teacher is taking a class of Afghan men through the complexities of the Austrian health, social security and administrative systems, in Farsi: Like nearly 5, fellow asylum seekers in Vienna, Wafa lives in a large emergency refugee shelter and is awaiting a move to longer-term accommodation either in Vienna or elsewhere in Austria.

Until mid-March, this was the central registration centre for all asylum-seekers, handling around new cases a day through the autumn. The number has now fallen to about Run by the Red Cross, the five-floor building also provided overnight accommodation for up to people from more than 60 countries, but mainly Afghans, Syrians and Iraqis. Getting people registered, looking after their immediate needs, putting them on buses to somewhere else, either in Vienna or the other states. Many of the people we have now are quite complex cases — people without documentation, or who are registered elsewhere but are now here.

We make sure people are taking their medicines. We look after children, so parents get a rest.

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Someone from rural Afghanistan is going to find it a lot more difficult than a family from urban Syria. At Haus Mihan, a home run by the Samaritans for 30 unaccompanied teenagers — 15 boys, 15 girls, aged between 14 and 18 — that opened in mid-December, manager Bettina Koller says she is most concerned by the Somali girls in her care.

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And they have seen so many terrible things; grown up too fast. We have seven or eight children here who have lost all contact with their families; one boy whose entire family was killed. So we have to take things things step by step. But for a girl from Somalia.

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